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1. Where are your application development centers based?
We have development centers in Pune and Latur city.
2. If your development resources are located overseas, will there be a local project manager in the US?
We can provide a local project manager for US clients. This service is available for an additional price.
3. How do you handle communications and meetings in case your development resources are located abroad?
alternate-day, or weekly format. We use Skype, GoToMeeting, or telephone calls for scheduling the meetings. We provide our customers with the access to our project management tool, which allows them to monitor the progress of their project at any hour of the day. Additionally, to enable sensible and effective communication, we allow customers a 1-hour overlap as per their time zone. During this period, the customer can interact with the entire team or the main resource(s) depending upon the requirement. If the customer wants us to work at certain hours (i.e. outside our normal hours of operation); we can do it for an additional price.
4. How many development resources do you usually assign to a project?
The number of resources employed for a project depends entirely upon the scale and complexity of the project. For example - we allocate two developers, one tester and a part-time UI designer for a small project. In addition, each project will have a Technical Architect, Business Analyst and Project Manager. We can increase the number of resources depending upon the customer/project requirements.
5. Can you provide the summary of the experience and skills of each of your application development resources?
We are bound by the confidentiality agreement, and will be unable to share these details. A large number of full-time developers are a part of our pool, working on different in-house and client projects. At different times, the available resources are different and unique. You can be assured that only the best quality, trained and experienced resources will work on your project and meet your requirements.
6. Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?
This clause is covered in the IP contract, and NDA is also signed between Flatworld Solutions and the customer specifying the same. The same clause is also covered in the contract signed between Flatworld Solutions and its employees. In addition, we audit our processes and train employees on a regular basis. These efforts ensure that our customers' intellectual property is always secure.
7. Do your development resources make use of any version control repository?
We use FogCreek Kiln source code and version control repository. In addition, we are experienced with Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, and other popular version control systems.
8. Do you practice code reviews? If yes, how frequent is that?
A Peer Review practice is a part of our standard development process. Any code developed by an application resource is always verified by another application resource. Only after verification is the software released for testing. This practice is applicable only when the customer hires more than one developer.
9. What is the standard practice you follow for code comments?
While we feel that providing comments for all public methods is a good habit, we comment only when it is "truly required". For instance, we avoid commenting on codes that have the correct method name. Through this practice, we avoid over-commenting and create codes that are easy on the eyes.
10. Do you provide system documentation?
We provide the SRS documentation to the client. The code will have comments to facilitate easy comprehension. Our documentation is comprehensive and self-explanatory.
11. Do you provide end-user documentation?
We will provide end-user documentation if the clause is included in the work contract and quoted by Flatworld Solutions.
12. How do you handle change requests from your customers?
We have a standard procedure of handling change requests from our customers. Firstly, we seek their approval for any change request. After the customer approves the request, we do an impact analysis. This allows us to deliver the timelines and cost estimates to the customer. Once the customer approves the estimates, we implement the changes. Flatworld Solutions is a leading technology services outsourcing company offering Software development services for the past 12 years, and can help you avail reliable, robust and scalable software solutions customized to your needs. To outsource your software development requirements to us, get in touch with our executives, we will be glad to assist you.

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